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Skrollr Can’t Scroll On Mobile Devices

So you just found Skrollr for jQuery, started using it, and discovered your website won’t scroll on any mobile devices like the iPhone or Android. You just can’t figure out why. Well here’s the solution — try not to beat yourself up about how easy and simple it is.

The README file states the following: Starting with skrollr 0.6.0 there’s just one thing you need to do: Include an element on your page with the id skrollr-body.

Yes, that’s it. Add id=”skrollr-body” to your body element and scrolling is back.

Thank me later… or in the comments. 🙂

Allen Gingrich

Author Allen Gingrich

Allen has worked on the web for over a dozen years. Like many young entrepreneurs, he began with a small workspace in his basement, where he eventually formed Ideas and Pixels. The rest, well, is history. Allen enjoys fine wines, weight training, and beautiful, semantic code.

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