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Print Marketing Material | Tips to Generate More Business Online: June 2012

This month we had a little free time to sit down and focus on our print marketing material.

With the positive results from this one insert, we have learned that if you provide the knowledge and insight – potential customers will follow!

The Reason: Over 85% of our clients we meet  in person or are referred to us through word of mouth. We wanted to expand our creative reach towards other potential clients.

The Objective: Reach out to businesses, which are not active on the web and tend to stay away from social media outlets.

The Solution: Produce new informational print material that can be sent through the mail or handed out as inserts, within our larger brochures.

Details: The high gloss front cover of the insert was designed to captivate the notion of moving forward. This is portrayed with the large bold tag line – Is your online presence getting you business? – overlaying a background scene of downtown Cincinnati. Since the back of the insert is a mat finish, your natural instinct is to flip the card over and see what is on the back. We provided four ways to generate more business online. This showcases information that any business can use – to gain more results and business online.

The Result: A strong print marketing insert that can stand alone or together with our other brochures. Take a look below, what do you think? Marketing Insert Front – Online Presence Getting You Business?

Is your online presence getting you business? Marketing Insert Back – Generate More Business Online 4 Ways To Generate More Business Online

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Matt Valvano

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Matt has a very extensive experience of print and web design. He is an effective team player known for creativity, flexibility, distributing skills, managing, working with others and producing high quality, effective works of art within a deadline.

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