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Why Should I Use Pinterest For My Business?

As an Adjunct teacher at Antonelli College for web design, I can join in on their discussion boards. Last month Antonelli asked if I would be interested in joining a discussion board about Pinterest.

For one I have never used Pinterest and I was hesitant to speak on the subject. Now, after using it for a while, I realize that I should have been using Pinterest for all of my clients!

Three Reasons why to use Pinterest Marketing:

  • Healthy Social Media Inbound Links
  • Keyword Searching
  • Google Indexing

Healthy Inbound Links With Pinterest Marketing

With the launch of Google Penguin, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Pinterest is one of the best ways to gain healthy inbound links. Let’s go back to the launch of Google Penguin. Google’s Penguin was developed to decrease the amount of “Black Hat” techniques used to get websites to the top of Google. One of the major areas targeted were inbound links. Website owners should no longer drop their website address into what are called link farms. This form of link spamming will now hurt your website more than ever before.

The penguin attack promoted huge benefits for strong social media inbound links. Along with Google +, Pinterest links are set as “DoFollow” and allow for strong inbound links to be a positive booster for your website.

So this means for every “Pin” you add to a board you will receive one inbound link. Then if someone shares your “Pin” you will receive two more inbound links. The reason is because they share your link on their board, Pinterest stores your link and there is a link on your page. This can really add up quick and the best part of all of this includes keyword search-ability.

A “Pin” is Pinterest version of a post to share content including images, videos and other objects to their pinboard or board.

Keyword Searching With Pinterest

Since you are able to use keywords, you can structure your content to focus on the keywords you are aiming to rank higher in Google. It works like Twitter and gives the ability to use hatch tags (#Cincinnatiwebdesign) and at symbols (@ideasandpixels). The positive inbound links will then boost your site for these keywords and Google then indexes this information for your website.

Search Engine Indexing With Pinterest

Search engine indexing is the process of collecting relative information and then storing data to become “visible” while using search engines to find keywords built around the content of a website. The better your content is for all of these outlets, the higher your rank will become!

These are three huge benefits that by just using Pinterest can help promote your company! If you don’t have an account for your company, I highly suggest that you create one.

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