New Windows 10 Laptop Disconnecting and Reconnecting To WiFi: The Solution

Never search for simple things on the internet.

I tell myself this all the time. Simple issues always generate extremely complicated (or wrong) solutions when you search Google. And that’s where I went awry. I would disconnect my new Acer laptop from it’s charger to head into our conference rooms and it would start: over and over, my Windows 10 laptop would connect to the office WiFi, then disconnect, then connect, and so on. It was maddening. “Do you see my screen?” clients on the phone would say. “No, no I do not.”

Well the solution isn’t updating your drivers, setting your PC to “don’t disconnect adapter automatically”, or whatever the heck most top search results from Tom’s Hardware provide. It’s simply a power management issue. Your laptop is putting your wireless adapter into severe low-power mode and it can’t establish a sufficient connection to your internet.

The Solution To Your Laptop Disconnecting From WiFi

Simply go to your power/battery management settings (the little battery icon in your bottom right system tray). Right click it and hit Power Options. Whatever plan you’re using, click Change Plan Settings, then Change Advanced Settings. Navigate to Wireless Adapter Settings and under Power Options, set the power savings to be either low or none.

That’s it! No more random connects/disconnects. You are now normal again. Feel free to post in comments if you have further issues or if this doesn’t help.

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