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The Largest Social Experiment | Why Diet Soda is Bad

The worlds largest social experiment - Diet Soda

In the past few months I have tried to get away from the computer and hit the gym more frequently. A few days ago, I went into my local gym with a diet coke – it’s always functioned as a great pre-workout stimulant. I was in for a rude awakening when the lady behind the counter told me that I should throw it out, going on to explain what she knew about diet products. After hearing that, I decided to do a little investigating and conducted some research of my own.

Of all the material I’ve read for leading a healthy lifestyle, it appears that drinking any type of diet product means that you’re also becoming a test subject for the world’s largest social experiment! Diet soda has only been around for a few decades and scientists are completely unsure of its side-effects in the human body in the long term. Here is just a taste of what I found out about why diet soda and other products are bad for your health:

Number one – Weight gain

Researchers agree (uncertain of the exact reasons) that there is a major link between weight gain while drinking diet soda. These studies are based from a few reasons, but mainly because most diet soda drinkers probably have poorer habits towards exercising and eating properly. The other reason is that artificial sweeteners tamper with the human body, causing it to crave something it is deprived of; in this case real sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners within diet soda and other everyday products:

  • Aspartame – or aspartic acid and phenylalanine; used as a calorie-free sweetener and was discovered in 1965 while developing ulcer medicine. Presumably it’s the reason I have had headaches for over a week when I stopped drinking it.
  • Neotame – a chemical derived from aspartame. The chemicals that are bonded through manufacturing make it even more toxic than aspartame. Sucralose – C12 H19 Cl3 O8 or compounds that are merged together and chlorinated, aka bleached.
  • Acesulfame Potassium – or a creation from acetoacetic acid. This is linked to stimulating the body’s insulin secretion and aggregates the reactive hypoglycemia, in turn causing low blood sugar attacks or diabetics in humans. This was found not just from lab rats, but from the medically examined deceased.
  • Saccharin – a chemical that has been determined to cause cancer in lab rats and was uplifted by the FDA in 2001. The FDA even removed the use of a warning label, “The use of this product may be hazardous to your health” that was required to be used with this chemical.

Number two – Risk of disease

Studies has shown by drinking diet soda, regularly, will increase the risk of a stroke, type two diabetes and even osteoporosis. Diet Soda study results:

  • 61% more likely to have a stroke
  • 57% more likely to get osteoporosis
  • 25.8 million children and adults have type two diabetes (Jan. 2011)

Number three – Damaging to the body

I for one, could never figure why by teeth suffered. I always brushed, used mouth wash and even tried to floss as often as I could. However, every time I went to the dentist I had to get a filling or something fixed. I now know that it was because of my diet soda.

Through the years, diet soda has also become extremely costly to my personal health and wallet. This is due to the phosphoric acid in all soda, and its ability to dissolve tooth enamel. I even had a kidney stone, and I am just glad my kidneys are OK because this stuff rips through them overtime.

Here is what I learned: diet soda is still in its testing phase. We don’t know the chemical reactions that are occurring over the long-term in the human body. No one knows if any of the diet chemicals are damaging cells or destroying our organs. But science is actually favoring these outcomes – and that’s the scariest part.

I would compare this to the numerous marketing plans that my team and I have developed for all types of companies. Sometimes plans don’t work as well as we planned them to work, and they have to be changed, manipulated or even tossed away in order to find the perfect formula.

This is what is happening with diet soda. Soda companies are changing and manipulating the formulas now, without testing their long-term effects on the human body. The FDA is supporting these manufacturing companies, constantly supporting large corporate profits at the expense of our health and longevity. Links to the gathered information:

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