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How To Open A VOB File In After Effects And Convert For YouTube

The other day I had a client come to me and ask how much it would cost to convert a VOB file into one that would function with their YouTube account. Personally, I really had no idea and never had to convert a video VOB file into, well… anything! We mainly focus on SEO and websites over here at Ideas and Pixels, with the occasional photo or video shoot. Nothing crazy, but I did mention that it should not be hard for your videography source to convert that VOB file for you.

Needless to say I was beyond flabbergasted with the price that they tossed out.

Their videography company wanted to charge them a couple hundred dollars to convert a VOB file into a AVI, MPEG, or any file that would allow my client to add this commercial to their YouTube account. I mean come on guys, that is like us telling a client that it will cost them a few hundred dollars to re-size one image on a website. This does have me wondering if am I in the wrong career or were these guys trying to swindle one of my clients? I will let you choose, but I think you will agree with the second suggestion.

I yelled through the phone, “In the name of all mighty, provided me the video file and watch the magic pour off of my fingertips!” I may or may not have exaggerated the prior comment, “I shall convert this VOB file into one that is usable for YouTube and beyond the realms.”

Clock starts now 5:35PM on a cold Tuesday night.

How To Convert a VOB File in to a MPEG

All you have to do is remove the VOB and add MPEG (If this does not work try AVI, WMV or so on until one of the codex allows it to work). A message may spring up stating that you may loose some quality, but I saw no quality loss that was worth a couple hundred dollars.

Open Your Hacked VOB File Into After Effects

With the VOB file converted/hacked and opened in After Effects, feel free to edit as needed. Once you are finished or if you did not have any edits, you can now run the render queue, saving it as a AVI, MPEG, WMV or any format that will work in YouTube. Click here for the supported file list.

Make sure you turn on the Audio Output. I forgot this the first time I shot it through the render queue. (Ha!)

Personally, I saved it as a AVI file because I was worried about loosing quality with converting the VOB file. The video turned out great after I properly re-rendered and saved it as a AVI file!

Upload Your Converted VOB Video File On YouTube

Don’t forget to add all of the bells and whistles for your YouTube’s SEO. We will go into detail with YouTube SEO in a few weeks!

Clock stops at 5:49PM on a cold, Tuesday night ~ Now with a beer in hand, Cheers!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I wrote this blog post while the video was uploading. Lesson learned, if your videographer states that it will cost you a few hundred dollars to convert a file, laugh!

Here is the YouTube Video I Converted The VOB file For:

Sharing a little link love for our client, Med Mart and there new Cincinnati Electric Scooters section. This video was not shot or edited by Ideas and Pixels.

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