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How To Make A Meme With Google+

So what the heck is a meme? A meme is an element of a behavior or culture that is passed from one individual to another carrying cultural symbols, practices, and ideas. On the web &mdash and in layman’s — a meme is one of the thousands of pictures with text that often spam your Facebook feed.

Google Plus has been channeling its inner child, and is now allowing custom text overlays to be added to images. You will now be able to create your own personalized memes on Google+.

Our Step Process To Make A Meme with Google Plus:

Step One: Think of an Idea and Find an Image

Once you have an idea, it is time for the best part &mdash finding your meme image! I absolutely love browsing through BuzzFeed for examples of memes and other crazy ideas.

Want Cute Cats? How about cute cats that are hugging!

Ideas and Pixels Cute Cat Photography

I suggest using one of your own images so that you can start your own viral meme. Cats are always a good canvas to start with, so that’s what we did! You can’t deny how adorable these casts are hugging (they belong to our owner)!

Step Two: Add Text To Your Meme

Once you have the image that you want to use for your meme, simply drag and drop it into your Google+ share box.

We added text to our cute cats hugging meme.

Add text to your image to make your meme

After it is uploaded, click the “Add Text” icon. Don’t forget you can change the alignment and font options before you share your meme!

You can add text to your image using Google+

Add Text To Your Meme Using Google Plus

Step Three: Share Your Meme Photo

With your new meme in hand, share it to the world! Who knows — maybe it will catch on and you will start a viral trend. Below is our cute cat meme, and please, feel free to share it! Cheerio.

Share your adorable memes to the world!

Share Your Memes and Make Them Catch On!

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