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Bloggers are always looking for ways to get more visitors looking at their blogs, but often we forget that sometimes it’s the intangibles that help our presences grow, not just analytics and the numbers we’re able to track and gauge. Building trust with an audience can go a long way when it comes to growing your blog, and sometimes we have to look to other mediums other than blog directories and social media to get our message out.

State Of The Media’s yearly research write-up acts as a guide for us to follow, detailing exactly where we’ll find these new mediums: on mobile devices. Yes, social media is no longer king. According to their research, “Social media, while clearly a part of the digital news experience, is not nearly the driver of news that many [suggest]. Just 9% of digital news consumers follow news recommendations from either Facebook or Twitter ‘very often’.” They continue, “Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults, 23%, now get news on at least two devices — a desktop/laptop computer and a smartphone [or tablet].”

Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults, 23%, now get news on at least two devices — a desktop/laptop computer and a smartphone [or tablet].

With the continued rise of mobile content consumption, a new method for distributing your content and gaining fans has quickly gained traction with serious blogging sites. The method? Mobile News Apps.

Pulse And Other Mobile News And RSS Apps

Mobile News Aggregators are applications that use RSS feeds to automatically pull and compile news stories from around the web for the reader. The leading RSS application is currently Pulse, probably because of it’s simplicity and ease-of-use. Much like the RSS aggregators of old, these applications provide a way for readers to access all their favorite blogs all in once place. And according to new market research, once readers add your blog to their app, they most-likely will never remove it. It’s one of the most organic ways to get your posts out into the world for consumption.

Nielsen, the survey company, reports that One-third of tablet and smartphone owners in a Nielsen survey said they had downloaded a news app within the past 30 days, and 19 percent had paid for one.”

Nielson Mobile Data

Because these applications only pull your post content, and not your design, aesthetics don’t matter — only good content. It’s also important to use images on each blog post, not only for use on mobile news apps, but to make your blog more appealing to the web in general. One important thing to remember before submitting your blog: Most of the teams behind these apps manually scan your blog before accepting your submission, so before you submit, make sure your blog is full of great content and updated quite regularly — or none of this won’t make a lick of difference in the first place.

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