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Elementor Template Element: Basically get_template_part() As An Elementor Widget

I’ve recently picked up Elementor after watching from the sidelines for the last two years. This page builder, which once was lost in a crowd, has found itself, and in my opinion, is approaching top status, in terms of overtaking Visual Composer (what do they call it now?)

I did find a few features lacking though. Things that should probably be built in are still missing, but hey, I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually. I guess I could get off my ass and contribute, as well.

Here’s my contribution. A simple plugin that allows you to select a theme template file from an Elementor widget and embed it in your Elementor document. I think it’s best to stay in Elementor the whole time, if possible, but there are some instances when it really slows you down (for more complex sections). This allows you to bypass that and develop the good old fashioned way. Enjoy!

Click here to download Elementor Template Element

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