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Disqus 2012 Using Wrong Theme Colors | Ignoring Styling

The new Disqus 2012 style looks great on almost any blog because of its ability to read and adapt to your site’s basic color scheme, but for some reason, Disqus was getting the colors completely wrong on our site. As you can see, we use a white background, and Disqus 2012’s insistence on using white text as well caused our comments to be unreadable. Search after search lead to nothing — I guess Disqus 2012 is too new.

So here is hopefully the fix you’re looking for. After testing many things, putting the following in our stylesheets finally got Disqus acting right: #disqus_thread { color: #000; }

Yes — simple as that!

Allen Gingrich

Author Allen Gingrich

Allen has worked on the web for over a dozen years. Like many young entrepreneurs, he began with a small workspace in his basement, where he eventually formed Ideas and Pixels. The rest, well, is history. Allen enjoys fine wines, weight training, and beautiful, semantic code.

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