Brand Design Agency Spotlight: LPK

Although we at Ideas and Pixels have our hands in many brand design choices working with our clients in the field of web design, we often find ourselves in awe of the companies that don’t just touch the web — they touch the entire brand.

Over the year, we’ll be doing spotlights on various branding firms around the world to highlight work that we have no problem calling outstanding. These spotlights are compiled completely on aesthetic/strategy alone and are entirely based on our own personal design biases. Brand design is a difficult field and understanding the nature of an organization and translating that understanding into a cohesive brand presentation deserves to be acknowledged.

Our Favorite Brand Design Of 2016: Beautyrest by LPK

Brand Design Firm LPK is well known for their design prowess and disruptive impact on industries across the world. They’ve worked on branding for companies like Maker’s Mark, Pringles, and Pampers in recent years to introduce wildly creative and compelling campaigns. Their work here is no different. The mattress industry has a few well-known giants and its an industry that has not seen much innovation in quite some time.

We helped Beautyrest disrupt the bedding category by moving its top-tier mattress brand beyond functional technology to a haven for sacred, restorative slumber. What was once an easily mimicked, mind-numbing commodity was given a soul, with a look, tone and feel unlike anything on the retail floor.

LPK's Branding Of Beautyrest

The Result

The rest of their work is not only stunning, but totally effective branding. The luxury bedding giant saw double-digit growth and an impact that spread well throughout the company’s multiple channels. Now, that’s truly effective branding.

You can learn more about LPK at LPK.com.

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