Battlefield 4: You Were Disconnected From EA Online (1) Fix

Irritated @ EA stated that this is no longer a fix! If someone has another solution please let me know and I will list it! We have not had any trouble being disconnected, since we fixed ours.

Many Battlefield 4 players (especially those not all that familiar with the Origin client) have been experiencing the “You were disconnected from EA Online (1)” error message while trying to log into the Battlefield 4 game servers. The fix is really simple, but it requires a little knowledge about how Origin works.

Disconnected from Battlefield 4 EA Online – The Quick Fix

To enable online play again, you must be online. You probably didn’t even know you were offline (via Origin) — you have an internet connection, right? Well, in Origin, you are able to toggle online and offline mode (sometimes multi-use of the account will kick you off of online mode). To do this, simply open up the Origin client, and click the text at the top that says “Go Online”. Congratulations, you fixed it. Now go kick some ass!

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