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We run Adwords campaigns for budgets big and small. Our paid search strategies are aggressive and effective.

The Ideas and Pixels Search Engine Marketing / PPC Strategy

When we first speak with a potential new client, we’re always very clear that Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strategies are what make great websites and web campaigns succeed. The caveat is that no two companies are alike, and each company’s strategy must be contoured to their unique industry and size. We create custom optimization processes for each of our clients, and since we only work with a small group of clients at once, we take the responsibility of helping you achieve better success online to heart. After setting your initial goals, we map out solutions that will help us meet them. Next is scheduling. We break down every solution into actionable items on a list that we will act on for the next three (3) months.

These tasks may (and usually always do) change a bit to cater to new problems and better solutions as they arise. We meet with our clients once a month to make sure that things are on track, and to discuss potential enhancements to increase our rate of success. Our process always begins with a small series of meetings geared not just at laying the foundations of your new campaign, but by understanding what your company represents and what you’re trying to achieve. We all have goals, and the good thing about online marketing goals is that they are quantifiable, thus easily tracked. We consider it a personal task to learn what your goals are, then execute until they come to fruition.