Pay-per-click Advertising

Many businesses attempt to manage their own Google Adwords campaigns, fully unaware of how much money and time they are probably wasting. Proper Adwords management means conducting thorough keyword research, testing ad group ads (ad text, link text, title) and properly using the display network to remarket your business to customers in your market that you may have missed with your primary advertising.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research practices are based on using long-tail keyword terms to capture visits for keywords with three words or more. Long-tail keywords have an advantage over broader, one and two word terms, in that they are more targeting, meaning less competition and a lower cost-per-click.

Location Targeting

Many businesses new to Adwords forgo managing their location targeting settings, pushing their ads out to compete with competitors not just in their local area, but throughout the entire country! That’s a battle that most companies will never win. Instead, we use enhanced demographic targeting to market your ads only to locations that are relevant to your business.

Ad Group A/B Testing

Trying only one or two ad text variations and pushing it out into the world is a sure way to fail. In order to run an efficient and optimized campaign, you must test dozens of ads with the slightest variations in text to determine what words are driving customers to click your links. Most of our ads contain location names (like “Cincinnati Web Designers” for the keywords “Cincinnati Web Design”), numbers (e.g. “Save $200”) and any other information that sets our customers apart from their competition.