Link exchanging or Backlinking are far from gone. In all actuality backlinks are still one of the most important aspects in driving online users to your website. Especially with the rise of social media marketing. However, link exchanging is not how it used to be prior to 2012 when Google (Click to see Google’s Terms and Conditions) went on the attack to prevent paid linking or “Black Hat Tactics” such as link farms.

I am sure you have seen a link farm ad or stumbled across sites that want you to pay for links, before.

Examples you may have seen include sites that advertise – ONLY $25.00 or 1,000 links or Page Rank 7-8 links for $599.99!

Google wants to see site to site relativity, between their links and penalize sites that do not follow these guidelines. In other words don’t pay for backlinks and only share our friends or montly SEO clients websites.

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