Ideas and Pixels is a full service web design and marketing company. Our journey officially began in early 2010, but our roots go as far back as the late 90’s, when the web was only in its infancy. Allen Gingrich started to notice that websites were becoming much more than simple online text documents. Graphics and design principles were beginning to work their way into the web, and the popularity of sites like eBay and Amazon showed that the web could be extremely lucrative. Using his observations, he began to experiment on the web himself, eventually becoming the lead programmer for a variety of fan sites and web portals. Over time, people that used his work began to ask for his help on other personal projects. A few projects turned into a lot of projects, and it was off to the races.

Fast forward ten years. The work had begun to pile up exponentially, and designing alone was simply not an option anymore, if growth was to continue. Allen then reached out to an old friend who had gone through the same rigors as he had — graphic design education, web training and the like — Matt Valvano. And the rest is history. Over the last three years, Ideas and Pixels has gone from a one man design studio to a four man design firm. The projects keep getting bigger and better, and the community has certainly started to notice. We’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of great companies over the last three years, and the list keeps growing every year.

What We Do And Why

Consider this our elevator pitch. Chances are, you aren’t fully harnessing the web like you could be — and like you should be. That’s where we come in. We’re a group of guys (and one cool gal intern) with different backgrounds and styles, but one single, unified goal: help businesses take the internet by the horns by getting their websites to generate more leads. More leads means more businesses. More business means happy clients, which makes us just plain jolly.

Our secondary goal is increasing brand exposure by creating brilliantly styled websites for companies in Cincinnati and around the country. We work with our clients to set conversion goals from the very beginning, so you know the return on investment even before a line of code is typed. Social media management is also in our toolkit. We employ tried and true social media strategies that work to strengthen other parts of your digital campaign or local print collateral.

Mostly though, we’re just a collective of people with different skills that mesh in all the right places.